We are the Greenhouse Builders.

Seymour Builders specializes in high tunnels, hobby houses, and regular greenhouses of any size. We also replace and repair plastic and install sprinkler systems.


We will build any size or style that you are wanting please contact us for further details on pricing. We will repair or replace plastic.

Seymour Construction Co. came to my farm on the weekend of November 16, 2018, to take the lead in the raising of my high tunnel. I had purchased a kit from FarmTek, but had no experience in putting one up. Seymour's team's expertise in this area is why I hired them to come to Texas, all the way from North Carolina. When I say, "take the lead," I mean that I had a large group of friends who were coming to help, but none of them had put up a high tunnel. So Seymour Construction was invaluable in what to do when, how to do it, what to do when something didn't go quite as expected, etc. Mr. Seymour was a good, patient instructor as well. I would recommend them to construct a high tunnel.

Martha Carlson
DarrinMo Farm, Texas
January 20, 2019

Seymour Builders came to my Farm on December 7th and 8th 2018, to build my High Tunnel. I had purchased the High Tunnel from Farm Tek but I had no experience in how to build it. However, Seymour's team had the expertise and knowledge to build it. I'd been to another customer's site and watched them build one. Seymour Builders were very polite and professional, they knew what to do, and were able to instruct the help that I had provided to complete the job. I am very satisfied with job that Richard Seymour and Seymour Builders did for me and would recommend them to anyone that would like a High Tunnel built.

Earlier this year they also helped by installing my CoolBot. This included building a cement slab for the CoolBot and then assembling the CoolBot. This work went well, and I now have a fully-functioning CoolBot, that is, a cooler for my harvested produce.

Finally, they completed the installation of my 14'x16' greenhouse. Installing the polycarbonate panels was too tricky for us to get done by ourselves. But the Seymour Builders guys got it done and I now, finally, have a working greenhouse!

I would strongly recommend to anyone installing a Hoophouse or a Greenhouse to get help from somebody who has done the installations. Making mistakes and redoing the work can be costly and is no fun.

Seymour Builders saved me a lot of time and aggravation. I may build another greenhouse. If I do, the first people I'm calling to help me will be Seymour Builders.


Ed Gropp
Valhalla Gardens
Simpsonville, SC
April 13, 2019