Grow More, No Matter the Weather

We build you a black-out greenhouse in the Mount Airy, NC and the surrounding areas

Looking for a way to manipulate the amount of light and heat that enters your greenhouse? Seymour Builders can install a black-out greenhouse that lets you have full control over the seasons. You'll be able to focus on growing your plants in a completely controlled and predictable environment.

The system works via a lever that allows you to roll your black-out surface up or down. This lets you manipulate the light cycle that your plants receive throughout the year. These greenhouses are great for:

  • Growing out-of-season plants
  • Running industrial farms
  • Managing your crop of medical cannabis

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What can you use your black-out greenhouse for?

North Carolina is known for having all four seasons happen in a single week. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by investing in a black-out greenhouse. With your new greenhouse, you won't have to worry about a heat wave or a cold snap destroying your crops. In turn, this will result in more consistent and predictable growth.

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