Build a Personal Gardening Paradise in Mount Airy, Christiansburg or Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding areas

Count on our greenhouse construction & repair expert to get the job done right

From eating fresh vegetables year-round to enjoying gorgeous flowers in the middle of winter, there are many incredible reasons to build a greenhouse on your property. Seymour Builders can manage your greenhouse construction project. We'll build the right greenhouse for the kind of garden you want to grow.

Email us today if you want to build a commercial or residential greenhouse in Mount Airy, Christiansburg or Winston-Salem, NC.

Upgrading your greenhouse for convenience and stability

Maintaining a healthy environment for your plants is the most essential function of a greenhouse. During your greenhouse construction project, we'll make sure your greenhouse is up for the job by installing:

  • Heaters-to fight off the cold and frost during winter
  • Sprinkler systems-making watering your plants easy
  • CoolBot units-which is a great refrigeration unit to add to any greenhouse

We can also install roll-up side curtains to open up your greenhouse when the weather allows. Once your greenhouse is up and running, we'll handle any future greenhouse repairs and plastic replacements. Most recovered plastic sides need replacement every four to five years. Contact us now if you need greenhouse repairs in Mount Airy or Winston-Salem, NC.